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Review: Surrogates

People replaced with robots that can transmit all the experience they have with the five senses back to the human controlling host and can experience extreme action without any damage to the human host. That is the description of a surrogate and people have gotten used to using these types of robots while remaining at home. Any movie that has Bruce Willis in it attracts my attention right away, and this being a Sci Fi movie was a must see for me. But as the film progressed I was a bit disappointed, it was trying to be too many things at once, sceince fiction, drama, personal story, action, thriller, it seems they couldn’t decide on how the story should progress and who should they concentrate on to the point they pulled the movie apart and it wasn’t really much of anything. I was a bit disappointed at the end, I remembered how great iRobot with Will Smith was and how it had great action and got the story across with without tearing itself apart like this movie. Bruce tried hard but it was too much of too many things, making this for a mediocre movie.

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