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Review: Infinite Crisis – Greg Cox

The world is falling apart around its greatest heroes. Batman’s paranoia has led him to create a supercomputer that has rebelled against him, threatening the entire world. Wonder Woman has slain a former ally to save the life of another. And Superman has lost his ability to lead, lost their faith, and lost his faith in himself. Four separate crises are converging, and the only hope for the entire Earth is that their champions conquer themselves and learn how to be heroes again.

This is a bit confusing if you aren’t a fan of the DC Comics Universe, or DC Comics for that matter. I have taken the books completely out of order, it was by luck that I picked up this book. I do enjoy reading comics turned into novels, the one thing about this book though is that you have to be somewhat familiar with DC Comic characters but the one thing that Greg Cox does amazingly is give you a portal into the minds of the heroes, the world is falling apart and they are all trying to figure out their way. I found “52” novel first which is book 3 of 3, then I read “Crisis” which is book 1 of 3, then this “Infinite Crisis” book 2 of 3 so I had a very odd or different perspective when reading through this novel. But when I read it, it made me visualize each character and try to image those who I didn’t remember and I just can’t seem to get enough of it, I hope for novels such as these from DC Comics, if you are a comic book fan then this is a must.

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