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Windows 7 Build

After having some time aside I have taken to completing the WHS server, and as well as taking a few things apart I decided to continue the build on my Intel Extreme Dual Processor Motherboard. I decided to use the spare parts that I had from all the different machines, as well as a few parts that are laying around. I used the Thermaltake Kandalf case from my old WHS Server since its such an excellent case, fits the huge motherboard perfectly, and its a very solid case.

Parts List:

Putting this system together I decided to put Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit on the machine, and I’m assuming its going to run blazing fast with this specifications. This will be my honest try using Windows 7 this time around. Finishing projects and getting up and running is a very good feeling, now I just have to clean up all the electrical parts that are laying around all over the place.

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