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Review: Sonos CR200

I am a happy user of the Sonos Multiroom music system, and the best part is the consistent quality of music. I bought it when I had the larger CR100 remote which had a click wheel and wasn’t touch screen but extremely durable. Now with the CR200 Sonos has really made advancements in the remote technology and user interface is so much better then before and smoother to work with.

The best part of the new user interface is the new search functionality which makes it very easy to go through large collections of music. You can type in what your looking for and it does a smart filter of possible matches as you are typing. Sirius and other music services are fantastic to work with on this unit, better then even the desktop software. Its smooth and seamless and I get to access all my Sirius music without a hitch and changing between them is easy enough.

I have the Sonos application running on my iPod touch but the difference is that the Sonos CR200 runs on the Sonos mesh rather then the wifi, so if wifi doesn’t reach its working on the mesh network of the music units. The feel and quality of the unit is unsurpassed, very good feel with a solid build and high quality screen. This unit is worth every penny for something of this quality and experience.

Link: Amazon
Price: $349

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