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Robin Hood – Trailer 2

I think that Russel Crowe is a jerk, but he is also a phenomenal actor, probably one of the best at portraying whatever character he chooses. Now he has taken the role of Robin Hood, the last Robin Hood I remember was with Kevin Costner back in the 90s, and then there were Men in Tights, but that was just funny. Aside from those movies, this is taking Robin Hood into an Epic film, as some critics are already saying it, its going to be another Gladiator. I still watch Gladiator every once in a while and I still get moved by that movie, something about it just hits your core, the injustice and more. Now the trailer for Robin Hood seems to be fantastic and you don’t feel that it is doing it justice, your just taking a small bite of a juicy story. Ridley Scott is the director of many of my favorite movies, here are a few he has directed Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, and American Gangster, so hopefully he will take this story to the next level.

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