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Review: Percy Jackson & The Olympians – The Lightening Thief

It’s the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson’s Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they’re not happy: Zeus’ lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Even more troubling is the sudden disappearance of Percy’s mother. As Percy finds himself caught between angry and battling gods, he and his friends embark on a cross-country adventure to catch the true lightning thief, save Percy’s mom, and unravel a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves.

A new twist on Greek Mythology, Percy Jackson is thrown into a world of monsters and Gods, and he is tasked with a mission which he must accomplish or earth will be a casualty of war between Gods. Percy Jackson is a normal highschool kid with a few problems here and there, the last thing he expected to be was the son of Poseidon. The story has a creative style to it with a thin line between reality and the realm of the gods which exists around us. It was an adventure to see all these Greek characters come to life and who they would be embodied by as actors and their nature. Lots of fun as the movie progresses and he develops his powers trying to accomplish the mission while trying to protect his family and fight off other creatures and demons. A lot of fun for any fantasy movie fan, not the Harry Potter they were expecting at the Box Office but worth watching.

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