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Review: The A-Team

I knew this movie is going to be a fun movie, but not as good as it turned out to be. They redifined mindless fun, you just can’t get enough explosions, bullets flying and insane stunts. In the original the show revolved around BA “Barracus” or Mr.T and Murdock, Face and Hannibal weren’t that great, but this time around Barracus had the same attitude that people could relate to plus a little more originality, Murdock in the movie is a total nut case in the movie, he was fantastic, and Face was fantastic in the movie as well. The movie did the original A-Team justice, while adding some charm to them and making it one hell of an entertaining movie. Lee Neeson did a fantastic job as the fearless leader of this unstoppable team, and Sharlot Copley provided the perfect character as Murdock and most if not all the laughs in the movie. The A-Team managed to bring in a lot of laughs, some great action, and plenty of nods to the original

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