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Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

This is one of the comedies I have been waiting for and it completely lived up to my expectations, there were great moments and many moments of gut wrenching laughter. Four guys get into the bathtub in a broken down ski town to end up in their past, in 1986 to be exact, and they don’t what the hell to do. Its hilarious what these guys go through, John Cusak played the solid guy with a crappy life while Clark Duke (Jacob), Craig Robinson (Nick Webber), and Rob Corddry (Lou) have the more comedic parts, and their parts are hilarious, especially Nick and Lou. The story just flows and its funny, the music is fantastic, all the great music from the 80s that you enjoy is played perfectly in this movie, gets you jumping, and you will love the band scene towards the end if you haven’t seen it. And I just loved the ending of the movie, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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