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Robot Taekwon V

Now this is really cool, a mecha movie from Korea, a bit looking like the modern version of Mazginer Z but in this case its Robot Taekwon V. Now the funny part is that RTV looks a lot like Optimus Prime, but more of a martial arts version if their was one. There is some concept art, but I’m enjoying the trailers since it would be cool to have the animation this way, and the character animation another way. I can never get sick of big robots kicking each other’s butts and some monsters thrown into the mix. Martial Arts is cool and Giant Robots are cool, now both of them combined is coolness on another level, I just hope they don’t delay this any longer and hoping for an early release.

In the classic 1976 animated movie, Dr. Kim creates the giant robot Taekwon V to fight off an army of evil giant robots created by a mad scientist. Dr. Kim’s oldest son, Kim Hoon, is a taekwon-do champion who uses his taekwon-do moves to control the robot in action. Sometimes Kim Hoon’s girlfriend, Yoon Yeong-hee, takes a turn piloting the giant robot, since she’s also a taekwon-do champion and experienced pilot. And Dr. Kim’s younger son, Kim Cheol, provides the comic relief by cutting holes in a tea kettle and wearing it on his head, pretending to be a robot himself.

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