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Review: Battle:LA

After decades of speculation about life on other planets, the people of Earth discover that extraterrestrials really do exist when destruction rains down from the stars on cities all across the globe. When the alien warships descend upon Los Angeles, however, the ferocious invaders discover that humankind won’t go down without a fight as a gruff Marine staff sergeant and his fearless troop of jarheads point their weapons skyward and make one last stand for the entire human race.

Alien invasion and military retaliation, a explosion packed film with a pretty good story line. This movie delivered as the blockbuster movie I was expecting, some freaky aliens and a bunch of marines fighting for their lives. Aaron Eckhart plays the staff sergeant perfectly with his quite demeanor, and its packed with explosions from beginning to end, there is never a quiet moment. If your looking for action and alien invasions then this is the movie for you, don’t expect anything more from it and you won’t be disappointed.

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