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Review: Blue Mountain State – Comedy On Another Scale

In the vein of “Animal House,” “Blue Mountain State” follows three incoming freshman in a big-time, Midwestern college football program. Alex is a talented quarterback, content to ride the bench while partying with his best friend Sammy, who aspires to be the school’s mascot. Craig, on the other hand, is a number one recruit and future Pro whose life is already mapped out for him by his controlling girlfriend. Will they be able to juggle football, girls, class and nonstop hazing?

If you have any inclination to American Football then you should watch this show, it is hilarious, this isn’t your typical comedy. There is no bounds in this show this team goes overboard to make sure they are winning having fun, girls, and drinking. This show isn’t for the light of heart or to be watched around minors, from the beginning of the show you burst out laughing from their antics and it never stops, every episode something happens, and my favorite guy from the show is the team Captain, Thad, this guy is seriously over the top, he just doesn’t stop with his insanity. I think the target audience of this show are guys and I honestly love it, I watched the first season in two days and now season 3 starts in October, watch it if you haven’t.

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