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OCZ: 100GB SSD + 1TB Drive Combined On PCI-E

Sounds like something made by Dr. Frankenstein yet it is very very interesting what OCZ has put together. Combining an SSD Drive with a normal HD on a board connected to a PCI-E, giving you theorectical speeds up to 910MB/s which is above and beyond what can be attained from a usual Sata connection. So you get the benefits of both SSD and HD on one board, and OCZ have their special algorithim which learns the way you use your machine so it keeps the hot data on the SSD and the cold data on the HD so it can be faster then any other normal hard drive. I like the way OCZ is thinking and the possibilities of this machine and it can be in your PC just for $499. Its an interesting concept but I don’t think I would install at the moment, but still I wouldn’t mind seeing the tested results of this fusion of technology.

“The RevoDrive Hybrid leverages the best attributes of both solid state drives and traditional hard drive technology to deliver dynamic data-tiering on a single easy to deploy PCIe storage drive,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. “Leveraging Dataplex software to efficiently manage frequently accessed data delivers superior performance and capacity, making the RevoDrive Hybrid the ideal solution for high performance computing and media content creation.”

Link: OCZ

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