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Donkervoort D8 GTO

Dutch sports car maker Doonkervoort was planed a D8 GTO revamp for last year, and they have come through with this beast a year later. The D8 GTO was fitted with a slightly modified 2.5-liter TSFI Audi Engine, and they worked with the Audi engineers to cater the engine to this machine. I love the look of this machine and I think its a beast, I would love to see this machine in real life and try it out. While the first set of 25 cars with the Audi engines are already on sale right now, you can expect the “regular” versions with an a different engine later in 2012. Prices start at €100,000 ($130,130) and can go as high as €150,000 ($195,210)

The car sports a “steel-tube frame is wrapped in carbon panels and a one-piece door that swings up quasi Koenigsegg style”. It makes 340-400 horsepower depending on whether you flick a “race module” switch, and 331 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers in a two-seater that weighs just 1,540 pounds should make this the quickest car in Donkervoort’s stable.

Link: Autoblog

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