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Review: All-Star Superman

While saving the crew of the first manned mission to the sun, Superman is poisoned by solar radiation. Dying, he decides to fulfill his lifelong dreams, while still saving the Earth from various threats. But when Lex Luthor reveals his latest plot to control the world, Superman must use his remaining strength to stop him.

All Star Superman is something a little different from the Superman storyline, and the animation is different from what I’m used to from DC Comics, I was hoping for a good story and a lot of action. The story just wasn’t consistent, it kept building up and jumping too far and then changing, it didn’t keep my interest even though I wanted to like. Towards the end a few things came together and I liked how the story played out but because it was so broken up you just don’t get any depth with the characters, feels like you are in some sort of ground hogs day and it plays back in a different way. By the end I liked the animation and gave it a nice richness to the characters but since the story line felt a bit disrupted it just didn’t pull me.

Link: IMBD

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