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Movie Marathon Break

I hope everyone is enjoying their Eid break, I for one am back to work but the streets were empty this morning so I’m assuming some people took the week off which is smart. This Eid break for us was simply about being lazy and completely relaxing, so with all those movie lists we had a few insane marathons, some guys passed out, some guys made it through and some watched more then me. This is just going to be a simple wrap up and some we have watched before but they were too good to pass up.

The List Of Movies We Watched:

The Avengers – Watched it twice, this movie is amazing
Battleship – Transformers but with Aliens, lots of fun
The Dictator – Damn its a funny movie

Freelancers – Think Training Day with Denzel Washington, and put in Robert De Niro, and the main character this time is 50 Cent, but also Forrest Whittaker is in it and he is pretty good. I was impressed with 50 cent, he wasn’t terrible, he had a slight mumbling problem but the movie was pretty intense, I liked it.

Three Stooges – We wanted to laugh and thought to put in this movie. It was a bit too kiddy for our taste so we stopped the movie about 30 minutes in and switched to something else. So skip it.

A Thousand Words – The new Eddie Murphy family comedy, and it wasn’t too bad, it felt a little like Dr Doo Little but this time he faced a life altering situation, and its the usual Eddy Murphy style. If you like Eddy you like enjoy the movie, its one of those easy light movies to watch.

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