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Insomnia Mode

This is the first time that I have drank that much coffee in one day let a lone the whole year. I barely drink any coffee at all, not a fan of it, its bitter, and I know a lot of people love it, but I don’t need it the morning but yesterday I need it to keep me going and alive for the day.

I couldn’t get any sleep on Saturday night, even trying to force myself to sleep at 4 am just for a few hours, but I was wide awake, by 6 am I got up showered and headed out. I thought I would finish as much work as possible then go back and crash but then I remember I had a few meetings in the afternoon as well as huge to-do list then dinner with some family, so sleeping went out the door.

So at around 10 am started feeling tired, a coworker ordered some kind of Latte for me which was ok but I didn’t feel a kick. I called for the tea boy and asked him to make a whole dellah (pot) of Arabic coffee and just leave it on my desk. I went through about 14 cups of that thing and I was officially wired, I was at full throttle and getting a million things done and I just kept on going until the evening. Then dinner with friends and family and I still seemed ok, as long as I didn’t sit still or wasn’t doing anything I kept on going but I knew after 6 pm I was running on fumes. Dinner was done around 11pm so went I upstairs I completely passed out which was perfect, total and utter black out, but woke up at 5:30 am which surprised me since I thought I would sleep a lot longer then that.

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