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Sonos PlayBar – The Next Best Thing From Sonos

PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker design floods any room with HIGH FIDELITY audio for games and movies, huge waves of live concert sound, and wireless streams of all the music on earth. And it all comes from one easy-to-use player that brings HiFi sound to your high-definition TV.

I want this, I don’t know how I’m going to use it yet, but damn I love Sonos and the thought of it integrated into my hometheater seamless is just plain ridiculous. The best thing about Sonos is that they are genuinely sound people, and the audio system is built extremely smoothly and integrated into almost every music service available and I can’t get enough of it, playing throughout the house as I walk about. And this takes it over the top, excellent piece of hardware, if you love music and you don’t have a Sonos you have no idea what your missing out on.

You can play the TV Media sound from the PlayBar or switch to your Sonos System for perfect music playback, you can link it to the Sonos Sub, and then join it together with the 2 Sonos S3 to get 5.1 Surround Music. For $699 its rather cheap for a sound bar, some of them go for an extremely higher price, but I know one thing Sonos always comes through with the sound quality. Well worth it.

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