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THE OFFICE – Has Come To An End


9 Seasons, a show that nobody thought could end, but when Michael Scott left I think a lot of people who were addicted to the, show such as myself, knew it was going to end at some point. The 75-minute episode capped nine seasons with laugh-out-loud moments and tender tributes. I for one wasn’t choked up while watching the season finale at all, no really I wasn’t, ok I was. I got really worked up about this show, it has had more of an effect then you realize. I got used to seeing The Office over the weekend, used to their episodes with Jim & Dwight getting into some crazy prank or something happening in the office and they end up not doing any work at all.


The season finale was probably one of the best season finale’s I have seen, it gave closure, it gives you a glimpse into the characters that you have loved and enjoyed for so long. I don’t want to ruin for anyone but if you enjoyed this show then you have to watch it. I want to thank my wife for getting me addicted to this show, I watch Season 1-5 one go a few years back and slowly kept watching episode to episode. They really put a huge amount of effort into the season finale, everyone cared so much, and you can genuinely tell that they were all emotional at the end, which made it even harder to watch. This show really ended on a high note, something very few shows have done in the history of television, I even remember the crappy season finale of Seinfeld, after so long you expected to end well but it didn’t but The Office, couldn’t have ended any better. You feel like you know these people, like you are saying good bye to friends that you won’t be seeing any time soon, now I want to get all The Office Bobble Heads, it was an emotional ending, lets just say that. What a show!


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