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The Comedian Round Table

I am a huge fan of a lot of these comedians, and these are the guys from my favorite shows. This interview happened a while ago but then I loved these guys just sitting together and talking about their experiences with normal people and how tv people are, and how they just walk up to them and assume they know them based on the characters they have been watching all their years. Honestly I would probably do that to Mathew Perry if I saw him and assume he was Chandler Bing and just jump right into that. It’s a very interesting perspective to see from the comedians and the people you would love to hang out with in real life, I would love to if I had the chance.

Matthew Perry, whose latest comedy effort, NBC’s “Go On,” was canceled after its first season in May. So … why did “Friends” end? Perry is now asking himself that same question.

The Round Table:

  • Mathew Perry – “Friends” & “Go-On”
  • Jim Parsons – “The Big Bang Theory”
  • Jake Johnson – “New Girl”
  • Eric Stonestreet – “Modern Family”
  • Adam Scott – “Parks and Recreation”
  • Fred Armisen – “Portlandia” and “Saturday Night Live”

This almost a one hour interview, and very much worth watching when you have a chance.

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