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Review: Merde Actualy


This book is the follow up to A Year in Merde, and I have to say it was a bit of a topsy tervy. It is an expansioin of the book, and it has some good points and some low points. The story of Paul West and everything happening to him is continued from the previous book, so you have to read the original to understand the second. I really dont think that this book is as good as the original. You feel as if you have to pick up where you left, and your expected to remember every detail. I like how Paul West has become more French then English, and funny how he sees the differences in culture and how the different cultures try to bridge that gap. A lot of it as well is about Paul West and his relationship with women, especially French women. And how Merde is related to his life, just like any French life. I liked how the book ended, but it was a bit annoying dealing with the story. The story felt slightly divided, and some points it wasnt connected. Sometimes I reached a point where I wanted to finish the book because I started it, and sometimes I wanted to know what was going to happen next. It took me a little while to finish reading this book. It wasnt bad but I have read better.

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Rating r2.5.bmp

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