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SOOT Electropak – The Modular Back...


Modular pack system, consisting of a mini-messenger and a backpack that zip together to form a larger pack. Both were designed to hold battery systems for charging your devices.

For all of you who have a fondness for minimalism and functionality, you’re going to want a all-in-one sort of deal that isn’t too cumbersome. The SOOT Electropack will fill your every need as a bag of holding, and can transform with a simple pull of a zipper.


I like that you can customize it to a degree and seperate it based on usage, then there was the integartion of batteries into the bag which is very smart. I always carry with me an external battery charger for my phone or iPad when needed and these are some powerful batteries built into it.

The commuter bag is 24 liters which has an excellent arrangment of compartments, and the messenger bag is 10 liters with a breakdown that can be used for cameras and other gear. I have two or three back packs that I use consistently when traveling and this one seems to be a great one when going outdoors to carry all your gadgets when traveling.


The design actually consists of 3 modular bag of different size that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit the user’s needs. Each contains a 10,000mAh battery- as thin as possible without sacrificing power. Charge up to four devices at once — from smart phones to tablets, and wireless speakers to smart watches.

Link: Kickstarter