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SOOT Electropak – The Modular Back...


Modular pack system, consisting of a mini-messenger and a backpack that zip together to form a larger pack. Both were designed to hold battery systems for charging your devices.

For all of you who have a fondness for minimalism and functionality, you’re going to want a all-in-one sort of deal that isn’t too cumbersome. The SOOT Electropack will fill your every need as a bag of holding, and can transform with a simple pull of a zipper.


I like that you can customize it to a degree and seperate it based on usage, then there was the integartion of batteries into the bag which is very smart. I always carry with me an external battery charger for my phone or iPad when needed and these are some powerful batteries built into it.

The commuter bag is 24 liters which has an excellent arrangment of compartments, and the messenger bag is 10 liters with a breakdown that can be used for cameras and other gear. I have two or three back packs that I use consistently when traveling and this one seems to be a great one when going outdoors to carry all your gadgets when traveling.


The design actually consists of 3 modular bag of different size that can be combined in a variety of ways to suit the user’s needs. Each contains a 10,000mAh battery- as thin as possible without sacrificing power. Charge up to four devices at once — from smart phones to tablets, and wireless speakers to smart watches.

Link: Kickstarter


Helmet Line Up 2012...


They took the best Carbon Fiber motorcycle helmet and made it even cooler, I LOVE this version, but I don’t love the price. I would love to add this to my collection, but I don’t think I will be getting it any time soon. I think I wouldn’t wear it because I would be afraid to damage it.

Price: $4000


I’m not the biggest fan of AGV Helmets because of the lining and they just don’t fit my head very well. But I love the Valentino Rossi designs they come up with and this is one of my favorite ones. I love how they incorporate the Sun design as well and the black and yellow colors.

Price: $800


I can’t help but love Arai helmets because it kept my head safe from two crashes and they are just so damn comfortable. There is something I can’t resist about the Tri-Color design, the bikes and now this helmet. I just find them so appealing and I think this is the coolest Tri-Color Arai helmet yet.

Price: $900

AGV Rossi “Five Continents” GP-Tech Helmet

One of Rossi’s original designs with his colors, it is just one dynamic helmet. Honestly I would just place it as a furniture piece and never wear it. It doesn’t match any piece of motorcycle clothing I have but I do LOVE the paint work on it.

Price: $530


A very cool helmet with a fun Carbon and White design, now this one I would wear since it goes with a Red, White, or Black motorcycle. And I have tried this helmet before, loved the lining, and very comfortable.

Price: $600

AGV GP Tech Rossi Limited Edition Faces Helmet

Now this one is all Valentino Rossi, this one you really can’t where, but it is a work of art. It has an Andy Warhol touch to it with the pop art feel, I would have this a shelf piece as well. This is for the Rossi fan, they would adore it and take care of it.

Price: $800

Blue Lounge Bonobo Series...

I have this tendency to like Messenger Bags and recently I have been eyeing the Blue Lounge Bonobo Series, they are really targeting techies with the way they designed the bags. Very sleek and clean design and made of recycled plastics, also they have treated the material to make it a soft mesh yet its water resistant.

Our new line of bags fuses urban design with superior craftsmanship. Our bags will transport your gear for years to come without ever cramping your style.

I decided to pick up the Messenger Bag because I like how it straps across your shoulder, at the same time I also picked up the 13 inch laptop sleeve which can few a few items into the sleeve. Its all very snug and well designed to carry all your techy needs in a seamless storage compartment. Its been a while since I have seen a messenger bag which goes across your back like it does with this messenger bag. For $139 it isn’t too bad and I tend to use my bags a lot, probably have one too many bags but still I like it.

Link: BlueLounge

Shoei Qwest Blood Flow...

I have always been a user of Arai and a fan of Shoei, usually people start off with one or the other in the motorcycle world. In my case I started off with Arai since 2001 and never looked back. Over the years I understood what companies did and at the top Shoei is one of the best with Arai. With that I picked up a Shoei a few months ago and got this Qwest Blood Flow, the Qwest is the sport touring line, not the super sport line but I loved the design and couldn’t resist the helmet. I love that its fully Matte Black and Matt Red, and it luckily matches the color of my Diavel.


  • Comfortable
  • Amazing Design, Love the Matte Black and Matte Red
  • Decent Price
  • Great Protection
  • Decent Airflow But Could Be Better
  • Looks Good With Tinted Glass


  • The Lining Could Be A Bit Better
  • A Bit More Air Flow


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Dottling Colosimo...

I saw this and thought it looked like a cute safe, I even thought it was a very cool piggy bank. I got up closer to it only to realize that this was a watch winder safer, a ridiculously cool one at that. It looked like a retro mini safe from the 1950’s only when I walked up to it did I know what it was. It even opened and closed like a real safe with all the locks getting into place.

After doing a little research I realized that this watch winder safe is made by Dottling, and you would only probably get it for a super expensive watch since it costs $30’000. And here I thought it was a cool looking small piggy bank, I was way off, I even looked for the slot above. People usually get watch winders for their automatic watches so they are always charged since they require movement and these winders move periodically to keep it charged, you can control that. Even though it turned out to be insanely expensive I still thought it was cool.

Link: Dottling

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Shoei Qwest Bloodflow...

No matter what we ride, where our final destination, or the path we choose to get there, every motorcyclist shares the same common thread when throwing a leg over their machine. It’s the exhilarating search for adventure that draws us to the road, and Shoei’s all-new Qwest embodies what every rider seeks to experience along the way. Revolutionary noise-reduction technology, unsurpassed long-distance comfort, advanced ventilation performance, a light-weight, balanced fit and feel, and over 50 years of helmet-building experience have combined to deliver the finest touring helmet known to man. The all-new, groundbreaking QWEST—It’s your journey… Enjoy every mile of it.

Every once in a while there is a helmet that just pops up and grabs my attention, and I am huge fan of Matte finishes, always gives it a clean look. And the Shoei Bloodflow is that helmet, I don’t have a lot of Shoei, mostly Arais but they do come up with some amazing designs, and this one is subtle yet it grabs your attention. I think this would go very nicely with my Ducati.

Link: DucatiPerformance

Nike Air Mag...

I am one of those people who loves Back to the Future, I would love to get my hands on the DeLorean and keep it as a show piece if I had the money and time to put one together. I previously talked about the shoes that they released last year with the Special Edition Blu Ray but these shoes are the ones Marty McFly wore and were self tying. only 1500 of these will be made with all of the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. People are going insane for these shoes and if you thought women were too vain about their shoes, you need to meet British rap act Tinie Tempah. In a bid to get his hands on the first pair of Nike’s limited edition, McFly-inspired Air Mag sneakers on eBay, TMZ reports that he had to fork out a whopping $37,500! The cheapest shoes start at $2000 and go all the way up to $10000 depending on your size, I would love to have these shoes, I would honestly put them on display and NEVER wear them.

Link: Ebay

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Rocawear Transformers Gear...

Rocawear, fresh off the success of pairing Jay-Z’s lyrics with Snoopy and Peanuts (not Snoop Doggy Dogg), has collaborated once again, but this time it’s Hasbro’s Transformers. Yes, the box office smash hit has partnered with Shawn Carter’s Rocawear for an offering of a variety of t-shirts. Check out what turned out to be an incredible collision of hip hop energy, autobots and decepticons, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

As soon as I saw the selection of T-Shitrs from Rocawear with cool collaboration between JayZ and Transformers I had to have them! I love the look of them, I wish they did something on the back of the tshirts as well. I just couldn’t resist the cool tshirts with Optimus Prime, Autobots, and the other Decepticons on it. I picked up every tshirt they had available I just hope that XL fits me comfortably.

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U-Boat Watches...

In 2000, Italo Fontana realized a longtime dream of launching his own luxury watch company. U-Boat watches embody the force and style of the professional instruments and luxury sports cars that represent the passions of the man behind the brand. ‘It took me seven years to develop and refine the U-Boat watches. Inspired by eighteenth-century craftsmanship and intricate made-by-hand detailing, we can now produce a timepiece of rare artisanal quality that reaches toward a new dimension in watchmaking.’

I remember seeing the UBoat Watches at Villa Moda back in 2006 when I passed by then and at the time they made a different kind of watch, and now they have really advanced and developed the types of watches they have. I have an attraction to large and bulky watches, and that by definition are the U Boat Watches. My favorite from the series of watches they are produce are the Classico U-1001 Orange & Blue which are pictured above and below, and the Classico Titanium Ceramic. To my surprise these watches cost between $5000 to $8000 which is on the high side, I wasn’t expecting them to be on that expensive but still very nice watches indeed. I do seem to love watches.

Link: UBoatWatches

Review: Scorpion EXO 1000...

I have had the EXO 700s for about 4 years now and needed to get some new helmets, one of them was the EXO 1000. It is the latest update from Scorpion and the higher end from the EXO-700. I got the Matt Black version as I like the Matt finish for the Scorpion Helmets from previous experience. Its a little bit different then the EXO-700s, a little better lining, better airflow, overall a great helmet.


  • Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Removable Lining
  • Reasonable price
  • Never Fogs up
  • Very Good Airflow & Ventilation
  • Very Good Matte Finish


  • A bit on the noisy side
  • A bit heavy compared to the Arais and Shoei


Scorpion have been upgrading their helmets over time and this time around they came up with the EXO-1000 at the same time I was looking to upgrade my four yearold Scorpion Helmet. The Scorpion EXO-1000 helmet is a great helmet to have if you can’t afford the expensive Arai’s and Shoeis. There is nothing missing from this helmet in terms of quality and features. It fits very well with a comfortable and removable liner, and I love that the Matt Black version with the tinted visor does look very stealthy. What I love about the helmet and I take for granted sometimes is that the screen never fogs up, when I wear my Arai helmet I forget that it fogs up until it happens. This is a great quality helmet with lots of features for its price, there is a bit of problem with a bit of noise at high speed and that its a bit heavy in comparison to the Arais and Shoeis. I wouldn’t get any helmet other then Scorpion in this price range, and if you are looking for a higher end helmet then I would go with the Arais and Shoies.

Link: ScorpionUSA
Price: $300

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