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Panerai Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Cera...


There are some unique watch pieces out there, and this one from Panerai an amazing piece to behold. I have always thought that pocket watches are cool with the chain in the pocket, but this piece of art is made meticulously and the chain was made to match.


There are only 50 units available across the world and each one is priced at $215’000. I would love to just to see a piece in front me even though it is well out of my reach, the pictures of this unique piece looks beautiful but it does not do it justice.

Link: Panerai


U-Boat Watches...

In 2000, Italo Fontana realized a longtime dream of launching his own luxury watch company. U-Boat watches embody the force and style of the professional instruments and luxury sports cars that represent the passions of the man behind the brand. ‘It took me seven years to develop and refine the U-Boat watches. Inspired by eighteenth-century craftsmanship and intricate made-by-hand detailing, we can now produce a timepiece of rare artisanal quality that reaches toward a new dimension in watchmaking.’

I remember seeing the UBoat Watches at Villa Moda back in 2006 when I passed by then and at the time they made a different kind of watch, and now they have really advanced and developed the types of watches they have. I have an attraction to large and bulky watches, and that by definition are the U Boat Watches. My favorite from the series of watches they are produce are the Classico U-1001 Orange & Blue which are pictured above and below, and the Classico Titanium Ceramic. To my surprise these watches cost between $5000 to $8000 which is on the high side, I wasn’t expecting them to be on that expensive but still very nice watches indeed. I do seem to love watches.

Link: UBoatWatches

Chopard Alfa Romeo Edition...

In Alfa Romeo’s 100th Anniversary & Chopard’s 150th Anniversary they have combined to make this very unique watch. Whats surprising is that they made a whole line of time pieces, and I’m a fan of this modern look with clean lines. So you have three watches, 44mm cases with Chopard’s signature vintage Dunlap-inspired rubber straps. Only 500 are available but that doesn’t include the steel & black leather table clock, and then there are the travel alarm clock. Its a very cool line, and I especially like the table clocks the most out of the bunch.

Link: Autoblog

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Graham Prix: Brawn GP...

Each F1 team has a Watch line, such as Ferrari has Panerai and McLaren has TAG Heuer, and it shouldn’t be any different for the leading team in F1. Brawn GP has teamed up with Graham from London to come up with a few unique pieces which match the team’s neon yellow accents and a very sporty look.

I’m a huge fan of Graham watches, since they have a very solid feel. I have a Chronofighter and it is a very solid watch which looks good and is still very rugged. Now they are making two lines for Brawn GP, one is the Chronofighter line and the other is the Silverstone, both will be 47mm steel cases which is pretty big and they are limited to 250 units. I haven’t seen the pricing for it yet, but I’m hoping for something reasonable.

Link: Autoblog

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