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Blogs I Enjoy for 2010...


This some of the blogs that I have been recently enjoying, lots of blogs pop up that I don’t have a clue about and that I stumble upon from other blogs and clicking a few names. I took a few of them and tried to categorize them into three different categories, and still there a few that I miss out on but I’m always looking.


  • Anything Goes– Technical, Practical, lots of great info for anyone in technology
  • BlogAllAlong – Technical outlook, quick fixes, modifications, a fantastic technical blog


  • YearOfTheTeddy– Amazing photography and social blogging
  • BrakeBanzeen– My feed for real car info, and even gets it before the major blogs
  • Bu-Yousif – Fantastic Photoblog and storyline to follow it!
  • re:kuwait – Unique Architectural Outlook
  • NegativEffect – A unique and talented Kuwait PhotoBlog


  • 4thRing– Lots of Laughs, and good info!
  • Codename: Q Valley – Unique blog with fun interviews
  • Ansam518 – Good Food :D
  • Storm In A Tea Cup – Video Games, Anime, Books!
  • UpTillOne – Trying things out and posting it, always good to learn from other’s experience, lots of good info, I purchased the Google Nexus One after they posted about it
  • CouchAvenue– Obsessed with Mac!
  • BuzBerry – Lots of great reviews, and they develop their own Apple Application!
  • TouchOfMeh– Three guys with different tastes and some very useful facts
  • SomeContrast– I always checked out a few places in Kuwait after they post reviews