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Grass Kart Racing – Crazy Speeds...

I want to get on a cart and do this, seriously I want to try one the crazy adventures that DevinSuperTramp puts together. These hills might hurt on the way down but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

GulfRun Karting Endurance Race III...


It’s Here
It’s Today
It’s A Lot Of Fun

A lot of people are going to be up for the 24 hour race, its fun seeing the start and the finish. There are over 18 teams comprised of men and women, with about 8 to 12 members per team in this insane 24 hour race. Yesterday was the practice and I think qualifying but today its going to be the start of the intense race and some of these guys get very serious. Its


Surly Moonlander & Pugsley...


The first time I saw this bike was a few years ago in Aspen Colorado, it has ridiculously fat tires and looks like you are floating in the snow. I honestly thought my eyes were deceiving me so I was walking where the bike was treading and ended up sinking into the snow. Turns out the fat tires of the bike is what keeps it afloat and if you read up on them on the website they are made to go where no typical bike would go. After that I looked into this bike, they have normal bikes and they are a specialty manufacturer of fat bikes, specifically the Moonlander & Pugsley, which I think are very cool looking. When I saw the Pugsley up close again I honestly loved it, I thought it was a cool looking bike and a machine I would like to ride around, it just looks light, and the Moonlander has even bigger tires, its like riding a monster bike.

The pricing on these bikes range from $1400 to $1800 depending on which one you chose and the annoying part is that it isn’t sold online. There is only one way to buy it, at a store which is a Surly dealer and in this case you can only find that in Dubai, and it is just a very annoying process to go through in this case. Still I want to try a bike out to see if I want to purchase it because it is one very expensive Bicycle. And I have been in some specialty bicycle store before, they do get very expensive.

Link: Surly Bikes


Wheelchair Freestyle – Wheelz R...

Watching this video I felt inspired by this man who saw no limits to what he could do. I love the DevinSuperTramp Videos because they are amazing to watch and makes you want to be in them and do what he was doing, but this video touchs you in a different way. This young man didn’t let life stop him from doing what he wants to do, and he is more determined then 90% of people out there including myself.

Slip and Slide LAUNCH RAMP!...


This is just ridiculous, I just want to be in one of DevinSuperTramps videos just to have ridiculous fun like that, that slide is just insane, I am wondering what kind of setup would be needed to do something like this in the shalaihs in Kuwait. Love this kind of fun.

Extreme Highlining – Insane Height...

Now this is another level of insanity, walking across that line in a valley that size, even with the safety ropes, it is still insane, even with all this I still want to try this.

JetSurf Board – Riding Without The...


Water toys never end, this was created for those who love to surf, just reminded me of the Segway for some reason. This a gas-powered mini-surfboard with a built-in 100cc engine for a propeller. With its 35 mph capacity, all you need is to thrust on that hand-operated control unit and your surfing in seconds.

A unique design and very light surfboard, design with a powerful one-of-a-kind engine technology and handcrafted carbon-kevlar make. The board comes in three variants, the ‘Ultra Sport’ basic board-for-all with an 86 cc displacement and 30mph, the fully equipped 100cc ‘Factory’ model that tops out at 34mph and the 100cc ‘Pro Race’ 35 mph advanced model for expert riders. Each comes equipped with a 2.5L fuel tank fit for over an hour of runtime. This machine can surf on many different surfaces, and I would love to try it in Khiran, it would be interesting to see how this moves. Priced at approximatly $16’000, I really want to try this thing out, looks like a lot of fun.

Link: JetSurf

Human Catapult!...

Now this is something I want to do, Devinsupertramp does it again with a very ridiculous stunt that I want to try. As usual his videos are fun and smooth, and very worth watching. Need to find giant towers to tie bungee cords to.

Longboarding Adventure – Insane Sp...

Another crazy video from Devin Supertramp, he started off with just videos with friends and making them more alive and more fun, and now taking adventure to another level. This video is about the crazy sport of longboarding, and they are insane people with amazing balancing skills, taking these boards up to ridiculous speeds and faster then some cars, these men are braver then me, and they make it look so easy.

Wakeboarding Insanity...

I love wakeboarding, and this is just over the top, would love to do 10% of what these guys do. Its impressive and they are light on their feet, and some very clean landings. Even though I think lakes have horrible water compared to our oceans, they are flat and easy to WakeBoard on.

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