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Epic Water Battle In Aruba...

Watching this video makes me want to go wakeboarding, I can’t wait for the summer to enjoy the water, but it’s getting too hot in Kuwait. We still haven’t enjoyed the winter to its fullest, I still want the chilly weather.

Now ski diving over the water seems like a very fun proposition.

The Right Equipment...

This is the best kind of fun I have ever seen with an Excavator, now I want to try this, especially for wakeboarding. I want to try it wakeboarding and being the guy behind the controls.

Outdoor Sport & Safari Expo...


There is a unique Expo taking place in Kuwait starting today. If you are a fan of any type of outdoor activity then this is an event that you have to visit. Anything and everthing to do with outdoor activity thanks to the guys of Q8Mobil and the sponsors of Outdoor Sports & Safari Expo.

On Display

  • Off-Road Companies
  • Four Wheel Machines
  • Modified Vehicles
  • Electrical and Outdoor Accessories
  • Fishing & Hunting Equipment
  • & More

Dates: 23 – 27 October 2013
Location: Mishref Fairgroudns

You should not miss out on this event, every member for the family will have something to see there.


Slip and Slide LAUNCH RAMP!...


This is just ridiculous, I just want to be in one of DevinSuperTramps videos just to have ridiculous fun like that, that slide is just insane, I am wondering what kind of setup would be needed to do something like this in the shalaihs in Kuwait. Love this kind of fun.

JetSurf Board – Riding Without The...


Water toys never end, this was created for those who love to surf, just reminded me of the Segway for some reason. This a gas-powered mini-surfboard with a built-in 100cc engine for a propeller. With its 35 mph capacity, all you need is to thrust on that hand-operated control unit and your surfing in seconds.

A unique design and very light surfboard, design with a powerful one-of-a-kind engine technology and handcrafted carbon-kevlar make. The board comes in three variants, the ‘Ultra Sport’ basic board-for-all with an 86 cc displacement and 30mph, the fully equipped 100cc ‘Factory’ model that tops out at 34mph and the 100cc ‘Pro Race’ 35 mph advanced model for expert riders. Each comes equipped with a 2.5L fuel tank fit for over an hour of runtime. This machine can surf on many different surfaces, and I would love to try it in Khiran, it would be interesting to see how this moves. Priced at approximatly $16’000, I really want to try this thing out, looks like a lot of fun.

Link: JetSurf

Wakeboarding Insanity...

I love wakeboarding, and this is just over the top, would love to do 10% of what these guys do. Its impressive and they are light on their feet, and some very clean landings. Even though I think lakes have horrible water compared to our oceans, they are flat and easy to WakeBoard on.

Human Slingshot 2X – Vooray...

This guy seriously knows how to have fun, even when the water doesn’t look that good they do know how to have their fun. This is something we would be able to try in Kuwait, with waters at the right depth. Some of those landings looked painful, at least they were wearing the gear for it. The footage shot as usual is amazing, and I know he is using a Canon 5D and I would think its too risky to hold it over the water like that but GoPros work out perfectly.

Water Jet Fun...

This is one of the funnest videos yet from DevinSuperTramp, and these guys in the Water Jets move like dolphins, smooth in and out of the water and I have seen a few of these in Bnaider and Kubbar. Takes extreme control to even get up let alone do all these sorts of tricks. I know I’m loving winter, but this video made me miss summer, can’t wait to get out on the water.

Zipline Catapult – They Are At It ...


The guys from DevinSuperTramp did it again, another amazingly fun video but this time with a Zipline. I honestly think they are nuts, and put these very cool fun stunts together. I don’t even know how they make these amazingly smooth shots, I do love their videos, they are very cool. I wish I could try a zipline off a cliff like that, amazing.

The Blob – Launching Humans 50 Fee...

Now this looks like a lot of fun, worth trying to fly people that high, you always need a big guy in the group. Very cool video and use of the contour.

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