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Review: Grosvenor House...


I have stayed in the Grosvener House a couple of times over the past couple of years. I have tried other hotels in Dubai and none have been as comfortable or as good a service as this hotel. The staff are very friendly and flexible with all the facilities at the hotel.


I noticed that the hotels don’t have a capability to make a booking between each other easily, unlike hotels in the US that usually have relationships when they are in the same city. In Dubai it seems each Hotel is on its own to serve its customers.


The entertainment system in the rooms are very good, and the internet is decent. The room facilities are great, the controls of the room is through a small touch screen system for the lighting, A/C and a few other controls. The bathroom is very comfortable with a large shower which perfect at the end of the long day. The room service of the hotel is fantastic even at 3 am in the morning without any problems, the food tasted great and they were quick to deliver. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants service from the hotel they are staying at. When it comes to rates Dubai is inconsistent, it goes up and down without any notice.



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Bristol Hotel...




The Bristol is a modern business hotel in Frankfurt, and its really close to the main trainstation. I have to say that its pretty nice, and it has opened recently over the past year.

Whats interesting is that they have extra small rooms which are more like a high class cabin in a yacht then a room. I didn’t think it would be that compact, I never knew hotels had rooms that small. Two of those rooms made a normal room but at that point I didn’t mind since I was really tired and we were only staying a day.

They have wireless internet in the whole hotel supplied by T-Mobile so either you have a T-Mobile internet account or you can use your credit card. The people are pretty friendly in the hotel and it has a very nice ambience to it.

Usually business hotels cut corners in the kitchen, but not this hotel. Their dinner and breakfast tasted really good, usually in the restaurants they have a short selection of beef, but the Bristol’s menu concsisted of many different kinds of beef. I had the Veal Scalope and it really satisfied me after a long day of driving.

When your in the room it really feels German, in that it is efficient and does the job. You have the table for your laptop with one power plug. The bed is suprisingly comfortable with a little closet space built into the back of it. The shower has ample amount of cold and hot water. The one thing that I think they should upgrade in the room is the TV, its tiny, I think my laptop screen was bigger, they could easily get a large order of LCDs and hang them easily.

Overall I really liked the hotel and I would probably stay their again, but I would ask for a slightly larger room.





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Review:London’s St Martins Lane Ho...



An Ian Shriger Hotel that has a very trendy scene to it in the bustling part of London. Its close to the London’s National Gallery, Leicester Square, and a Waterstones close by. It has a very simple entrance to it that you dont notice it, it has a very clean and sleek look to it. The bar is in front of you as you enter, the reception is no your left, there is table where the concierge sits on the left as well, and Asia de Cuba is at the back left. The elevators are on the left just after the reception, and I missed it a couple of times walking into the restaurant.

My room was on the third floor overlooking the street and there were offices right accross from me, but what I especially liked about the room is the floor to ceiling windows. It gives it a very open feel to it. I loved the look of the room and the large and simple bathrom. I think they need to update their tvs since they are a bit small for the price you are paying for the room, and Plasma screens are relatively cheap these days. The bed was amazing and very comfortable, I love the white linen look with ample amount of pillows. The desk is facing the desk and very artsy looking, but I think the chair needs to be changed for the sake of comfort, after a while of sitting on it you do get a bit uncomfortable. They had wireless internet all over the hotel and you only needed to get a login and password for your stay that you could use everywhere in the hotel which worked very well for me. What I also found entertaining was the different kinds of lighting available to you in the bathroom and bedroom, you can set it to whatever you like. I tend to like the rooms with all the lights lit up.

The people working at the hotel were very friendly and helpful, I was always asking for directions because I tended to walk to a lot of places close by if I wasn’t using the Virgin Limo Bike. Even house keeping is very efficient and quick, I used to ask them to clean early in the morning and clean in the evening again when I would shower up again before going out. The one thing that I kept drinknig out of the little fridge is the Voss water! I love the water bottle and I tend to drink a lot of water so I bought a bunch when going to Selfridges, but I also kept drinking what was in the minibar when I finished my supply. I think that the people at the hotel were friendly and you can carry conversation with them and they were more then willing to give me places to go, even the door man gave me recommendations. I tend to like hotels with friendly people, it makes the stay that much better.
The bathroom is great since it had a lot of warm water and a lot of water pressure which I especially liked, and it was a good amount of space. I really don’t like cramped bathrooms which make you think the bathroom was an afterthought to the architect. This bathroom seemed to be a center point when they were designing it. What I like is the ample amount of towels available throughout the bathroom, I get annoyed with hotels that skimp on towels since you do need them.

Room service was pretty good as well since I had breakfast once and a late night bite after a movie. Both times the food came earlier then expect and it was pretty good. I know this can’t be a complete judge of their room service capability or lack off, but you don’t really eat a lot in your in London since you have such a great amount of choice available to you.

Overall I think this is a great hotel for a stay with a different expereince. The rooms need a few changes, but relative to what is available in London I really like this hotel and especially the staff. It isn’t one of the cheaper ones and I think this is one of the better Ian Shriger hotels out there.


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Review: Villa Kennedy Frankfurt...

I booked this hotel for my quick business trip to Germany, and I have to say I was impressed. After looking around I found this hotel, and it was different then usual business hotel. It looks like a castle from the outside and has a comfortable modern look on the inside. The rooms are spacious, and comfortable. You cant have access to any of the floors without the use of a key card. They have a really cool spa, and their service is beyond what I expected. Room service is extremely quick and the restaurant is really good as well. The people their are friendly no matter what time of day it is. The internet connection in the room was blazing fast, I was downloading so much stuff while typing up my reports for work, it was fantastic. The TV had many german channels, english channels, and arabic channels. The room itself was extremely comfortable, with LCD screens in the living room and bed room, and for modern furniture it was very comfortable. The bathroom itself was amazing! The shower was great and you can adjust it any way you want, and the best part was that the floor was heated so you didnt feel cold after a good shower. And bathtub was huge for those who like bathtubs, and there was a guest bathroom in that suite!





more pics below!

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AAAHH!!! PAIN!!!...

I had to post about this!!! Alrite doesnt everyone HATE you get up at night to go to the bathroom when its pitch black and your walking not really thinking about anything else!! My brain is still in a daze since I just had to go to the bathroom.. and in full stride you kick something and its always the smaller toes!!! GOD DAMN IT!! Its killing me right now!! seriously!!!

I know its going to hurt and I cant do anything about it!! Im in a hotel its 4:30am in the morning and I cant really do much abou except to let the pain die off!!!! GOD ITS KILLING ME!! who put that heavy bag RIGHT THERE!!! (I will blame everyone but myself at this point!! ) I was half dazed but because of the pain Im fully awake!! Holy crap!!

I shall now try to sleep!!

Update: I have moved the bag and my toes feel better, but the genius that I am I held on to the door with my hand instead of holding a door handle and that closed on my fingers!! Seriously this just wont end!! hehehe

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