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Review: Villa Kennedy Frankfurt...

I booked this hotel for my quick business trip to Germany, and I have to say I was impressed. After looking around I found this hotel, and it was different then usual business hotel. It looks like a castle from the outside and has a comfortable modern look on the inside. The rooms are spacious, and comfortable. You cant have access to any of the floors without the use of a key card. They have a really cool spa, and their service is beyond what I expected. Room service is extremely quick and the restaurant is really good as well. The people their are friendly no matter what time of day it is. The internet connection in the room was blazing fast, I was downloading so much stuff while typing up my reports for work, it was fantastic. The TV had many german channels, english channels, and arabic channels. The room itself was extremely comfortable, with LCD screens in the living room and bed room, and for modern furniture it was very comfortable. The bathroom itself was amazing! The shower was great and you can adjust it any way you want, and the best part was that the floor was heated so you didnt feel cold after a good shower. And bathtub was huge for those who like bathtubs, and there was a guest bathroom in that suite!





more pics below!

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Steak Houses!...

I have to say that I am steak type of man. Not just any steak! Real Steak! I think the best Meats I have ever eatin are in the Steakhouses in San Francisco and a few Argentinian Restaurants in Miami! But right now im going to mention the top 5 Steakhouses in Northern California, and i have eaten there quite a few times over the past 6 years. Hopefully who ever is reading this will try one of these places soon!! And they are difficult to rank because it depends on the kind of meat you like to eat! But these are ranked based on my preference.

Alexanders (Sunnyvale/Mountainview, CA)

House of PrimeRib (San Francisco, CA)

SunDance (Palo Atlo, CA)

Harris (San Francisco, CA)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House (San Francisco, CA)

I took a few pictures while eating. And wearing a bib, I needed it.


Alexanders has the largest combination of meat, and amazing tasting meat. Sundance has some really good steak and fish with some interesting apetizers. Ruth’s Chris, House of PrimeRib, and Harris’s restaurants serve specifically steak and only a few kinds of steaks with some sides! I could never get enough of these restaurants unless I was broke and that happened a lot! And the waiters who work at these restaurants have been working there for years if not decades, and it is amazing just listening to the stories they have. These places have history and soul, and that is what makes the food taste even better. If anyone gets a chance to eat at any of these places I really recommend to go.

Apple Store in NYC...

Since I was in New York for a bit I wanted to go see the new Apple Store. And I was lucky, by chance I was there for the opening, but I thought I would avoid the lines and go a few days later! It is one of the most unique stores I have seen. Your going underground, but you dont feel like your underground. And at the time I was there the elevator got stuck with the people in it so I couldnt even use the cool looking elevator!

I dont have any apple products, but damn that MacBook looked good! And they were selling a lot of them, but the problem is the price they charge for upgrading! I was thinking of getting the black MacBook and upgrading the ram, but they wanted to charge 300 for an upgrade to 1 Gig Ram! I thought that was rediculous, but still it was hard not to buy the MacBook!! The Matt Black MacBook just looked so cool! And the place was huge! I just playing around with different Macs, and enjoying the atmosphere! You could hear music bouncing around in every direction and every type of music! Sometimes you feel the ground shake from some of the sound system that people were buying! And the lines at the cashiers were crazy! You have to wait a while to buy something! And I havent ever seen so many accessories in one place! It was huge! And all the apple people flying all over the place answering questions, and there was an area in the back called the genius bar if I remember correctly and they were working on the apple products and I think explaining to people how to use different things! Now thats an Apple Store!! If your ever in New York City then its really worth a visit! Pictures are worth a thousand words so I got a lot pictures!!

To say this place was packed is an understatement!


New York traffic Cop!! Had to take a picture of him!


Im going to run across the street and tackle everyone! Im so close to the Apple Cube!!!


More pictures when you click the more link!

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Some people love it, and some people really dont like it. I really enjoy london and feel like its my second home sometimes. And sometimes its just too damn cold! But this cold was a nice change pace compared to the weather in Kuwait. On the temperature gauge outside it says 2C! But feels like -10 C!!

When I first arrived it was sunny and cold in a nice crispy way. But after walking around for a little while I was looking for warmth anywhere! lol! I forgot my scarf in my bag when I left the hotel, so I have light sweater and a light jacket which werent close to enough to keep me warm. And on top of that on the way to the hotel there were some portests! They blocked off so many damn streets! I was going nuts because were goin around in circles in the taxi cab. Didnt I mention I love the London Black Cab. I think the London Black Cab is the best form of transportation in a tight city like london, even if your traveling long distances it so damn comfortable and just popping in a mp3 player is cool! When I sitting in the back I kept drifting off and looking outside which felt cool. And I really enjoy looking at the creative ads on the buses and billboards in london!

Going back to walking outside. At one point I thought both my ears froze and fell off. I really couldnt feel them anymore. But I managed to pick up a lot of motorcycle magazines because they are nuts about motorcycles in the UK! And I went to my favorite Chinese place called: Phoenix off of Baker Street. Now thats a good chinese place! Dont tell me Peacock or those restaurants in Kuwait. It felt good to be stuffing myself! And after I was done eating I seriously felt warmer! And of course during my walk around and sitting in the back of the taxi I was taking pictures!!

I do love london! And I do enjoy the bookstores and the movie theaters there!!

The Protests!!! They blocked half the roads in the west end of london! I wasnt sure what it was about, but there was a lot of hippies and I could smell some funny stuff in the air! hehe




Some pics walking around and in the taxi! I do love the ads on the side of the buses!







Shooting Range!...

I just went with a bunch my friends to the Kuwait shooting range. I never really cared for guns, but having nothing to do lead me to try it out. And I really enjoyed it! You can different types of guns, and each gun has a different cost, and they only give you a limited amount of bullets. Your really wont have a problem with the amount of bullets unless you are really trigger happy!

The gun I used was a .40 caliber, and it was good. But its difficult to aim if you’ve never shot before! It keeps jolting up, the recoil is strong in this one! This gun with 20 bullets cost about 7KD and another 20 bullets cost you 7KD.

The gun with 40 .40 caliber bullets.


The gun with two magazines loaded! I thought it was getting hard to push the bullets in!


And this is what you get to shoot!