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Washing Up...


After a good day of riding in the San Francisco and around the 9 me and Eric headed back to the apartment to wash up the bikes. It was fun as hell riding around all those corners, but the one thing that got on my nerves was that the bikes weren’t clean. So we parked the bikes next to the car wash area and we filled the buckets with water for the sponges. I was using a grime spray on the bikes that sits for 2 mins then we wash it off with the hose and then we go over it with the sponges. It was great getting down and dirty, also a little wet… well very wet. I had a good spray that I got from the San Jose Yamaha Dealership, the sprae parts guys there are great, and it gets all the oils spots off of any engine part, cleans it right off. After about an hour of cleaning the bikes were sparkling and I was happy as hell! I wanted to give them enough time to dry off. We finished just as the sun was setting what a perfect day!
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Me and Eric Riding...

This is me on the Daytona 675 and Eric on my Yamaha FZ6. Its fun as hell riding with a friend, and after a while of riding with me we figured out each other’s comfort zones, but sometimes Im afraid he is too close! hehehe! We had a fun time that day starting off on Highway 9 in Los Gatos taking it all the way up and stopping for a break at Alice’s cafe then taking the other highway in the mountain back to highway 92 so we can get back on 280. And boy were we going nuts! The Daytona is such an agile bike turning at the flick of the wrist. It was non-stop and Eric was riding one the best learning bikes around. I think the FZ6 is a great bike, but its lacking some suspension modification and the brakes are bit spongy, but its a great bike and I changed the tires because the stock tires sucked. We had a good time that day, and we were having fun on 280 since its a 4-5 lane highway with beautiful sweeping curves!


More pictures below

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UCLA Student Tazed By LAPD...

This is one messed up police! They tazed this kid 4-5 times, it hurts like hell. He was screaming his head off everytime they tazed him. He was being manhandled by the police because he couldnt provide identification that he is a student while sitting but then they tazed him saying he was resisting. You can read the story at the link below or watch the 6 minute video on Youtube, the story doesnt do the kid justice. Real screwed up, poor kid, I hope he sues them and wins millions!

Link: NBC Story
Link: Youtube

Cali Riding...

This is when I was in the states a little while back and I was going riding with my friend Hamdy and Eric! There was another edition to my bikes! And it was this little red monster! The Triumph Daytona 675, and I think it is an amazing motorcycles with its V-Twin Engine and grunty power! So now its the 675, the R1, and the FZ6. I didnt let Eric ride the R1 or the 675 just because he has to learn to ride with the FZ6 first! I think I have given the riding bug to everyone, and I think its spreading! Anyways here are some pictures of us whenever we stopped! It was a nice sunny cool California day!

I remember that day since we had an amazing day riding, with clear skies. The roads were perfect, and we could see other rides coming from the other direction when we were in the moutains. It was amazing taking turn by turn, and keeping an eye on my friends through the side view mirror to make sure they are making it through without any problems! I dont worry about Hamdy since I know he is a capable rider and makes clear decisions so I was worried about Eric since its his first time on the moutain roads. These roads are challenging and force you to believe in your skills and improve your skills! Curve after curve after curve! Until we reach Alice’s cafe where its motorcycle central, and we park and relax! What a day! then he head up to Half Moon Bay which has an amazing Ocean view, then we go back down to Santa Clara to meet up with the rest of the guys! Couldnt have asked for a better day!

Me sitting on the Daytona with the helmet in front of me


The dials of the daytona! Its so cool looking!!


Hamdy’s helmet on the floor next to the R1


Hamdy filling up Gas! I finished quicker!


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Steak Houses!...

I have to say that I am steak type of man. Not just any steak! Real Steak! I think the best Meats I have ever eatin are in the Steakhouses in San Francisco and a few Argentinian Restaurants in Miami! But right now im going to mention the top 5 Steakhouses in Northern California, and i have eaten there quite a few times over the past 6 years. Hopefully who ever is reading this will try one of these places soon!! And they are difficult to rank because it depends on the kind of meat you like to eat! But these are ranked based on my preference.

Alexanders (Sunnyvale/Mountainview, CA)

House of PrimeRib (San Francisco, CA)

SunDance (Palo Atlo, CA)

Harris (San Francisco, CA)

Ruth’s Chris Steak House (San Francisco, CA)

I took a few pictures while eating. And wearing a bib, I needed it.


Alexanders has the largest combination of meat, and amazing tasting meat. Sundance has some really good steak and fish with some interesting apetizers. Ruth’s Chris, House of PrimeRib, and Harris’s restaurants serve specifically steak and only a few kinds of steaks with some sides! I could never get enough of these restaurants unless I was broke and that happened a lot! And the waiters who work at these restaurants have been working there for years if not decades, and it is amazing just listening to the stories they have. These places have history and soul, and that is what makes the food taste even better. If anyone gets a chance to eat at any of these places I really recommend to go.

California Riding...

This was back during my trip to the US during March. This is me and my friend Hamdy riding on the Yamaha R1, and the FZ6. These bikes are still in the states, but I have them parked at this place! I love the R1, and the FZ6 is such an easy and capable bike to ride during the day. If I wanted to run quick errands or get to Jack in the Box quickly I would take the FZ6 and a back pack. It was always nice to go at night when its slightly cold, and then have something warm attached to your back, but I could never buy drinks! hehehehe! So if anyone wanted shakes they were out of luck!


This was the slowest thing on the road! It was no challenge to any bike!


Me and Hamdy went riding by the coast on Highway 84 up to the Cafe, then we continued down 84 until we hit the 1 and road down the coast. This was an amazing ride, and I was on the FZ6 and he was on the R1. He was basically screwing around with me since he knew I could barely keep up. But since I changed the tires on the FZ6 to Diablos I could do a better job around corners. And I feel the bike is more confident! It seriously was amazing and exhilirating!

My backpack sitting on the FZ6


When we walked into the cafe, we took our helmets, and jackets off to get a nice cold coke! And we also ordered a cheeseburger! hehehehe!


Everytime I ride its such a rush, because your going at a decent pace and to your left is the mountain wall, and to your right is a decent drop that you wouldnt want taking. And your trying to go around corners fast, but at the same time taking into consideration what might be around the corner. My brain feels like its taking every input from the bike, and trying to predict all the possible outcomes while trying to be ready for anything. You can only prepare for so much, but still sweeping through those corners while getting fresh mountain air gives my brain a little tickle. But reaching the Cafe where all the highways intersect its like a little gold mine of bikes and other goodies! It always feels like I got the prize everytime I reach there. I may have dont this at least 30 times now, but everytime seems like a new adventure that you are setting out from dawn!

You could see so many bikes, and so many different types of people riding.



More pictures below!!!!

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