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StarCraft 2 – Online Download...

I was so excited to download the game that I have been waiting all day to come home and click download. I tried predownloading the game, but I got an error stating that it was too early and I can only download from the 27th, so as soon I got home and went to the portal to proceed with the download. Made the payment, clicked all the buttons, filled all the information, and proceeded to purchase. One thing though, I did this all through my VPN, so that it appears I was making the purchase from a US location, I don’t know if that made a difference but I didn’t want any hiccups telling me that the game hasn’t been released in my country yet.

Now it begins, at first it said 3 days but after about 20 minutes, it flew through the list and I got to the download stage. Whats great is that my machine already counted what I had predownloaded a while back so I only had 1 GB left to download, and it wouldn’t be too much longer. I’m going to go through the installer and hopefully I can be playing by the end of the night, I’m not sure when but I want to free myself to play this game fully without any stops, it may not be anytime in the next few days, but Ramadan is around the corner, meaning I get off work early so more gaming time. 6.28 GB of 6.99 GB!


My Brute!...


Its been a while since I have gotten addicted to an online game, but the creators of this game have made an interesting fighting game. You create a character to fight other people online and depending on the character you create he has certain characteristics. When I was making my character I was thinking about having a monk who is a martial artist as well as bad ass. Then there those who go for the Mr T look, there are also lots of girls who are fighting as well. Its pretty cool if you have time to kill, you can challange MZ Top (Name of My Brute) at the link below, so go ahead and try. Once you click the character you want to fight, it turns into an animated fight which depends on your characters skills, special skills, and weapons!

Click my link below to join and fight my character! Fight Me!


Tower Strategy Game...


I first came to find out about this in the 248am forum, and I thought it might be fun just to try it out.

Well if your going to try this game make sure you have the time! Its a fantastic flash strategy game that will drive you nuts! You want to kill the creeps and you have to develop your strategy. I can’t do this while at work I already wasted over an hour on the game trying to beat the levels. Its insanely addictive and you will play it without noticign time passing by. You will figure out different tricks and strategies. Its insane!

If you have the time then play this game!!!

Link: Tower Strategy Game

PS3! The Real Deal!...

It going to be out in a couple of months! Here are the details of prices and release dates! Going to be great!!!

Source: Engadget

Just in case you didn’t manage to catch Sony’s E3 presentation, or can’t handle scrolling through our liveblog of the event (though we can’t imagine why that would be the case), here’s what you need to know about the PS3 launch, straight from the conference floor: “Today we’re pleased to announce the global PS3 launch details. We will make PS3 available via a two-configuration plan. One with a 60GB HD. And the other with a 20GB hard drive. Japan’s date: Nov. 11. In Japan 59,800 Yen. The 60GB PS3 will have an open price which retailers will set. In North America [to launch Nov 17]: 20GB for $499, 60GB for $599. Europe has 20GB for 499 Euro, 60GB for 599 Euro. 2 million to ship worldwide during the launch window. 4 million by end of calendar year 2006. By March 31, 2007 they’ll have shipped 6 million worldwide.”



I cant wait for it! Its going to be fantastic! The controller doesnt have vibration in it like the dual shock 2. But we shall see what else they anounce!

World Memory Challenge...

I tried this today and I got a low score!!! The point of the game is to try to memorize pictures and put them in the right order or to try to memorize names and faces, and then match the names and faces! It sounds easier then it is. I did what I do best. I was concentrating the first minute, and then suddenly I just kept clikcing skip skip skip! hehehehe! Try it out Link