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Battle Cars!...

That is what I have decided to call Kuwait highways when I am going home! People think that they own the road and do as they please! Yesterday was a bunch of long meetings that drained the life out of me!

So I was driving home, and I got on Malik Fahad Highway and I am just about to pass under the fifth ring road. So then I am driving on the left lane and letting all the cars that want exit to the fifth ring road pass me on the right. Then there was this Maroon Pre-1990 Lincoln Mercury, and this guy decided he want to cut in front me when my car was halfway next to his, I honked and he looked at me and continued turning. So I had two options either to hit the guy or slam on the breaks. Since the landcruiser isnt fast enough to take off I hit the breaks and he went forward. I flashed him and he raised a hand at me. I was too tired to pull something crazy to quell my anger! So I let him go even though he was in front of me.

Revenge is so sweet! And I didnt even do anything. Another guy decides to cut left in a white camry, so now the Mercury was in exactly the same position as me. And both of them seemed to be men in there 40s. So they came extremely close to hitting each other. So one guy tried to scare the other. At one point they both decided to scare each other, and they hit side to side! I burst out laughing while hitting my breaks and putting my flashers on. They both got their fenders crushed in and the door were bent slightly. I just couldnt believe my luck that these two idiots decided to do what they did! I felt like I was in a scene of Police Academy 3! lol! So then I took the emergency lane and overtook both of them and took off! Now that was an interesting moment! hehehehe!

Drive Out!...


Holy Crap today its hot as hell!! Its windy and sand storms everywhere! All these posters for the candidates have fallen into the streets! Its insane! I thought the temperature might go down because of the wind and sand storms, but I was wrong!!! It was 48C in the car when I was driving just now!!! Its getting hot! Damn! I have the A/C in the landcruiser at full while I waited inside the office for the car to cool down a bit! The steering wheel was still hot, but driveable! Im going to retint the car and this time Im going to tint the windshield! Instead of the cheap stuff I have on it right now! This is rediculous!

AAAHH!!! PAIN!!!...

I had to post about this!!! Alrite doesnt everyone HATE you get up at night to go to the bathroom when its pitch black and your walking not really thinking about anything else!! My brain is still in a daze since I just had to go to the bathroom.. and in full stride you kick something and its always the smaller toes!!! GOD DAMN IT!! Its killing me right now!! seriously!!!

I know its going to hurt and I cant do anything about it!! Im in a hotel its 4:30am in the morning and I cant really do much abou except to let the pain die off!!!! GOD ITS KILLING ME!! who put that heavy bag RIGHT THERE!!! (I will blame everyone but myself at this point!! ) I was half dazed but because of the pain Im fully awake!! Holy crap!!

I shall now try to sleep!!

Update: I have moved the bag and my toes feel better, but the genius that I am I held on to the door with my hand instead of holding a door handle and that closed on my fingers!! Seriously this just wont end!! hehehe

How to Relax…...

Sometimes you have one of those days where you want to stop, but you cant. Too much to do and not enough time in a day to do it in.

But when things come to a stop. You just want to relax. I have been running around all day building to building, driving one place to the other. Walking around looking for specific things. Going to one pharmacist and to the next looking for specific medications or waiting to pick up some.

I havent shaved for a week and a half, and Im so tired that my legs are tingling. Since I had some time I started playing some music on my laptop and I wanted to do a few things.


I set my playlist to play a list of tupac songs that I love, some are known and some are not known. But listening to this man’s music helps me relax. It really helps to unwind and I can understand some of his situations and my mind just drifts to a different place.


And before I came back to my room I went and picked up the new Gillette Fusion since Im seeing it everywhere. I really like my Mach3 so I thought I would try it out. It has 5 blades! Thats a lot, but I thought I would try it. And one blade on the back to trim a little. I got the water nice and hot. Dropped a towel in and wet my face. Got it nice and warm.

After cleaning things up just the way I like it, I went on my bed and started to watch some anime. Damn that felt good. I didnt want to move or use my brain any way what so ever!!! hehehe

Work Work Work!!!...

Things have gotten crazy the past couple of days! I havent even had much time to surf online or just do random things at work! I know im supposed to be productive, but things have gotten hectic the past couple of days! I didnt go home until 8:30pm last night! Thats nuts! I have been freaking exhausted the past week! And not getting much sleep, and still with the family obligations! I know there is going to be one of those days where im just going to pass the hell out!

I want to watch some anime! And play video games! The worst thing is going out to job sites and getting the car when its hot as hell!

Traffic Jam!!...

I hate when I drive into a traffic jam and I didnt take the short cut through the other blocks! I go nuts! I know sombody did something stupid! And I want to know who so I can slap them upside the head! So they know that they are stupid! When there is traffic in Kuwait sombody always does something to make it worse! I want to kill somebody!!! aahhhhhh!!! Im happy Im driving a manual, because I can make the nose of the landcruiser jump up! As if its going to land on the back of your car!! hehehehe! I have a case of road rage when Im driving in shitty situations! lol! But it was following after a little while!

This is the picture of the traffic jam when it started moving!!


This is the reason for the traffic jam! Why the hell dont they move the car! Tow trucks take so god damn long to arrive in Kuwait! I go nuts!  They should’ve removed the car to help traffic move! Asap!



I love packages! I love when I get packages! Its like getting a gift! But the better part about it is knowing that its something you want and it brightens up your day! I was at work yesterday and I had a long ass day, and I had to drive to a few different places, so it was hot as hell! But When I got home I saw my Amazon Packages! It felt like Christmas! woohoo! I wanted to rip the box apart! And thats what I did! lol! I ordered a couple of electronic devices, and a few anime dvds!



Crazy Night...

So last night I went to see Ice Age 2 with my friends.. I have to say it was a good movie, but this post isnt about that!

Basically after leaving the movie from Al Fanar, I was driving down the gulf road just before the 3rd Ring Road Intersection, my friend is with my in the car, since I was one the way to drop him off home. I saw a little black thing on the road and didnt think much of it. Suddenly I heard a loud pop and my car pulled hard right and I hit a the back left of a car on my right. I was cruising around 90 kph at the time. Then I pulled hard left, but because of the way I hit the car on my right my from right tire broke so it was still pulling hard right.. but i managed to get control of the car and pull over. Im lucky that my friend was behind me and nothing happened to the guy on my right. And even in all the traffic we managed to pull over. Of course when we called 777 it took them 20 mins to get there, which is pretty good for the emergency services. And I spoke to a crane because I couldnt move my car. The other guy’s car was fine except for a slightly bent exhaust and broken back bumper and light. And I have full insurance so I wasnt worried, but I was pissed! That little black thing pierced the sidewall! I felt bad for the guy that I hit, but my insurance will cover his car.

We had to wait for the police men, but when he came he was cool about it. As long as everyone was ok he was fine about writing up the report. I told him its my fault since my car pulled right when the tire popped. And then a couple more of my friends showed up since the other guys called them. But we still had to go to the police station with both cars to get the paper work for the insurance.  This all happened around 10:30pm, so by the time the tow truck came we went to the Maghfar (Police Station) and got all the paper work from the Investigator. My car was towed to the dealership, and one of my friends dropped me off at home. What a crazy night!

Work Screen!...

My work screen is so horrible I want to punch right through it!! aahhhh!!! It skews all the colors.. and the dark colors seem to vibrate as if its trying to move! And pictures appear dark in it for some reason. Its a Philips 190X5 from the Dell Distributor in Kuwait (Zaks Solutions). I would never buy this screen! It is horrible! I hate it and it should be destroyed!!!!! Any adjusments I try to make from the screen settings have no affect what so ever! It hurts to look at this damn screen! I will destroy it in due time!


I really do enjoy sleep but for the life of me yesterday I couldnt sleep a wink! It was driving me nuts! It didnt help that I had my laptop switched on and I was watching some anime! But still I wanted to go to sleep! Then I entered the realm of google! For some reason I couldnt stop googling stuff! I had to be up at 8 am! I had a few things I wanted to do, then I would go to work.. but nooooo… I couldnt get off the computer! When it became 3am I switched off my computer and realized that I should be asleep! 5 hours of sleep isnt bad!

But when I wanted to sleep I wasnt able to sleep! I was going nuts! And it felt like something was in my eye.. I kept tossing and turning.. and my part of the bed was getting hot so I had to sleep on the other side which felt wierd so that wasnt helping.. and by the time I looking at the clock again I knew I was screwed! It was 4:30am! I was going nuts!

I got up at 8:30am dropped of my bike at TriStar motorcycle to get a few carbon fiber pieces put on and I gave them back the motorcycle trailer they lent to me for the weekend. They were very nice to lend me the trailer for the weekend! Anywayz now I have been at work since 9:30 am and I am feeling like crap! My head is Pounding! lol! Its an annoying headache! I am really looking forward to lunch in a couple of hours! oohhh foood! That would hit the spot!

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