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One Day of Dust...

After a week long of waiting for the weather to clear up and get into the water, Friday was still a little dusty and a lot of waves. Our rule was simple we would jump in the water even though it was dusty, but it had to be calm waters but it was anything but that. I woke up at 10:00 am, walked outside to see how bad it was and walked back in, one of our friends cooked a couple of eggs mixed in with some good items and it was a good breakfast. We had so many things planned, some water sports, a new wakeboard and kneeboard but we didn’t have a chance to really enjoy it.

We decided to stay in and just watch tv shows, at around 3:30 pm the weather got a lot better but at that point I didn’t feel like jumping into the water. It just didn’t feel like enough time in the water to get out and shower, I was just too lazy to move at that point but some of the guys decided to go sailing which turned out to be an adventure putting that sailboat together. What an interesting weekend, and I had to leave Friday evening because I had a lot of things to take care of, so I wake up the next morning and the weather is perfect and I really wanted to be in the water but there was just too much to do.

The Water Banana...

A water banana was one of the first water sporting like event that I remember riding when I was kid and its just as fun if not funner now. Over the weekend we got on a banana, about four of us, pulled by a boat and I could tell this was one of the Chinese versions that are being sold in Kuwait and sometimes buying cheap has its costs. While being pulled by the boat at a constant speed both the front and rear handles ripped so I flew into the guy behind and the guy on the back flew off after one odd bump, luckily we were all wearing life jackets and that helps a hell of a lot. Also because of the slightly wrong buoyancy design of this banana it just doesn’t float right on the water, the driver of the boat is going straight pretty much most of the time and somehow we get tossed into the air. I remember the original ones were a lot thicker and lasted a lot longer, this time around this one didn’t last long so we took it back to the shalaih after we were done, and we did have fun on it but I doubt we are gonna ride it again. The original good version range from 300 to 400 KD and were manufactured by real water sporting goods companies but these Chinese versions cost between 150 to 180 KD and they really don’t last long.

The Wrap Up...

What a weekend, I don’t think I have laughed so much in such a short time. This is what happens when you have a shalaih packed full of guys who just want to eat and enjoy the water, we had a few water activities in mind but the sea was a little rough. On Thursday morning we were probably one of the few people in the water and we were trying kneeboarding and wakeboarding, turns out he kneeboard was of crap quality and I pulled my forearm muscle trying to get up on the wakebaord but I failed miserably. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try again, I remember wakeboarding in 2004 and I want to try it again, its a lot of fun once you get up, I just need to practice a little and get the technique down and its easy from there. There was also a doughnut and banana involved and I think I pulled a few different muscles that I didn’t even know I had, I’m sore in the oddest of places.

We also managed to watch a lot of tv shows:

  • Royal Pains – One Episode
  • 24 – Season 7 a few episodes late at night
  • Weeds – All of Season 3
  • Reaper – Season 2
  • How I Met Your Mother – Season 2
Long Weekend...

This is going to be a nice relaxing weekend with some good food and movies and tv shows, maybe a bbq as well. I’m thinking about trying to Wakeboard this weekend but that may end up to be a disaster but for ideal conditions I need flat water and my skills are abismal but I’m still gonna try. I really am looking forward to a relaxing weekend of chilling, tv shows, and some fun in the sun.

Movie List for the Weekend:

  • Fast & Furious
  • 12 Rounds
  • Doctor Who Planet of the Dead
  • Race to Witch Mountain
  • Pink Panther 2
  • Stomp Live
  • Star Trek The Captains Summit
The Outing...

What a weekend, we had a week of pure dusty to a decent Thursday and Friday, I couldn’t wait to get into the water and we did at last. It was a perfect day, some waves but nothing we couldn’t deal with. The best part is that there wasn’t too many people in the water so this time around there wasn’t too many jetskis or boats in the water that we have to get around and it wasn’t as hot as last week.

As soon as we got to the haalah, or little island just at the tip of Al Zoor, some of the guys jumped out to relax at the beach and some wanted to go swimming. One of our friends passed out and he is a heavy sleeper, so most of the other guys decided to bury him. The swim was perfect for most of the day, and we did have a lot of fun this weekend, bumming was at the top of the list.

Bed Search...

We have a little problem at the Beach House for the past couple of weeks, more and more of us are heading out there and Preetoo made horrible design decision with the bed situation. One other note is that the mattresses that were chosen are hard as stone, not the medically good type either, just hard as stone. Our situation is mathiamtically simple, there are 6 spots available and we average between 10 to 14 people so its you and your luck to find a spot, I have a favorite spot on the couch so I just watch some movies and tv shows until I pass the hell out. So we have thought of reorganizing these three rooms, taking out two beds from the room with the higher ceiling and moving them into the other two rooms, one extra bed in each room. So room one and two will have a capacity of 3 for a total of 6, now this room we plan on putting 3 bunk beds for a total of 6, we will make the bunk beds with a help of welder but we have to find the right beds first and so we started off in Khaleejeya because some body recommended it to us.

Turns out these are temperpedic beds, there were a few normal ones but they aren’t cheap running between 130 to 200 KD. What we are looking for are in the 40 – 80 KD range, and we don’t like the ones in IKEA since that was the first place I checked. Some of those temperpedic couches/beds like the grey one was ridiculously comfortable but that costs 750 KD and is out of our budget. We was for a 2mx1m bed and the deal he would get us for 6 beds, now we shall continue our search.

Burnt and Crispy...

Last week I spent about 7 hours in the sun and got a little too burnt, my skin was red right away and it was producing heat. Even after a cool shower my skin was hot as hell, got home and my shoulders and back starting to feel like it really was burnt and I’m feeling pain. So staying out in the sun without a little sun block is pretty dumb, I have started remembering all the things I would bring with me to the shalaih and this time around I should remember to bring some sun block.

Spoke to a friend and I was recommended to pick up an after sun cream with Aloe Vera extract but I didn’t know what to get. After getting the solarcain which had aloe vera extract I applied it right away and that helped a little. Then I took a cold shower before going to sleep and applied it again, you can feel the relief because the pain decreased, even the pressure from the water hurt. I had a hard time sleeping since I couldn’t sleep on the side, I had a restless first night but the solarcaine helped reduce the pain. After three days of applying three times a day it got a lot better, by the third day it felt like a small annoyance and suprsingly my skin didn’t peel at all.

To The Beach!...

This has been an interesting weekend, after hanging out Thursday night for our usual get together we headed out straight to the shalaih at night. We all got there about the same time, 6 cars all together, already a few people there ahead of us. Most of us crash early, I spend a few hours watching anime which I almost manage to finish the whole series.

We get up next morning around 10 am, breakfast already in the kitchen, but I decided I wanted eggs and worked on that while watching Mel Gibsons’ Payback. We all decided to jump in the water, one jet ski was brought out and then a few others. Later on in the day the boat was brought out then another friend came with a boat. By noon we were more then 20 guys in the water, some flying around in the jetskis and some on the boats and some in the water. Then they started towing the Banana and all I can say is that I have a few bruises to prove that we flew off. I need to bring my life jacket with me, because it also absorbs some impacts which I could have been sparred. On another note, sun block is your friend because at this point I’m a little burnt and crispy especially after 7 hours in the sun. I’m all bruised up and feeling sore in all the wrong places but I never laughed that much in a while.

Link: Flickr

Out to Sea...

Its been a while since I went to the shalaihaat and jumped in the water, started off early Friday morning and visited some family. Picked up a friend to go pick up another friend’s jet skit, he didn’t have a car to tow his jet ski. When we got there turned out the trailers’ tire was completely flat, and the little nozel was ripped off so we couldn’t even pump it back up.

We took to the road and were averaging between 130 – 140 kph, it was pretty hot and I was looking forward to jumping in the water. A few people were already there and a few were coming after us. Took us about 40 minutes to get there and we were enjoying the music all the way there. We even took a detour to take a dirt road, its been a while since I have had the Landcruiser drifting in a dirt trail in 2nd gear. Got the shalaih, threw our things inside and headed to Khairan coop to get some supplies. We got enough to last a week, so we chilled in the shalaih until everybody got there before jumping in.

One jetski was taken into the water and its the kind you have to stand up to get it going. I haven’t been on one in at least four years, and I remember then that I was damaged since I fell the wrong way while trying to turn. This time I thought I would try again and hope to succeed. I tried my luck and after about 5 minutes I was exhausted couldn’t even stand up in the damn thing without falling over.

Some of the other guys took that machine and did a better job, I decided to give it another try in a little while. It was nice to relax in the water, got some swimming in, I’m the type of person that doesn’t like not knowing whats under him, I always look under me when I’m over those dark patches of water. For some reason in Bnaider ever jet boat or boat of equivalent size was filled with girls going back and forth, they looked like high school girls. And on the beach their were girls on quads and buggies going all over the place, for the first time we felt like the old guys just relaxing in the water.

After that time I gave it another try and I succeeded in staying upright and making a few turns, but as soon as I thought I got the hang of it I pushed my luck. I tried making one of those cool turns, but instead I hit the wave at a wrong angle ended up hitting the damn jetski with my body and flying in the other direction, lets say I had to swim a little bit to get back to the jet ski. It was a hell of a lot of fun, but as the sun was setting everyone was heading out and so we took up the jet.

Washed the jet ski, went in to take a shower and nearly burnt myself from the hot water. Then we chilled and watched TV for a little while. A few of us passed out, then we watched a few movies, I didn’t stay the night since I had things to do in the morning. I know that I want to enjoy the ocean this time around, I also need to get back in shape since I gained too damn much, so much the life jacket wouldn’t fit me among other things.

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A Shalaih in Kuwait...

I got these pictures by email and I was impressed by this very nicely designed shalaih. It looks more like a resort then a shalaih, it is modern and I think they did an amazing job with the landscape design, very simple and making it clean and beautiful. The overall lighting scheme of the places is very nice, especially the pool at night. It seems to have three living rooms, I’m not sure why but it doesn’t look like they took pictures of the whole place. Even the Z4 in those pictures looks really nice with that lighting.

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